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Welcome! I’m Nicole Chamblin, Productivity Speaker & Consultant!

When I meet people at events and they ask me what I do, I ask them a question: “Did you enjoy your organizing and productivity class when you were in school?”

They usually get that look on their face like you have now. Unfortunately, we don’t get training in organizing and productivity in school–but we need it to be successful at work!

I teach ways to set and work goals that matter, conquer procrastination, overcome self-defeating behaviors, and invest your energy and time more efficiently.

LOSERS Wanted! Are you...

Lost in lists
Easily Distracted
Running on empty

I’ve been there. I know how hard it is to overcome that feeling of being stuck. It’s so hard to do it alone. So why bother trying?  I’m here and ready to help you kick the procrastination habit and transform from being a LOSER to a Victorious Visionary!


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