So a former colleague, Dana Ostomel, had a brilliant idea to simplify the gift giving process. She started her company Deposit a Gift with the thought to allow users while planing an event or occasion to create a gift list for monetary contributions towards dreams and experiences vs. just registering for physical gifts.

I loved the concept one I heard about it and couldn’t wait for an opportunity to try it out. Personal uses are obvious–birthdays (I set up a site for my son’s 3rd birthday), graduations, weddings, etc.When I did the registry for my son’s 3rd birthday I thought it was pretty cool that I could register for intangibles like a zoo membership.

Then it got my creative juices going and I thought about how could this work for a business. Some of my clients are entrepreneurs, home based businesses or “micro-businesses”. They are poised and ready for growth, but need help getting there. Deposit a Gift could be a great resource.

So I’ve set up a sample registry for a business need– a Productivity/Office Makeover— so you could see a business application in action. Other business uses come easily to mind:

  • Entrepreneurs-let your family, friends and cheerleaders support your business start up venture and costs
  • Fund raising/Charitable Giving-make it easy for others to contribute without having to pay for items they won’t use
  • Equipment upgrades

It’s the perfect time of year to give Deposit a Gift a try. Check out my sample registry a Productivity/Office Makeover or go on over to Deposit a Gift to set up your own registry. I don’t get anything from it but the satisfaction of introducing you to a great resource.

PS, if you do visit my sample registry, leave me a note in the Guest Book and let me know what you think!

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Nicole Chamblin

I’m Nicole Chamblin, a productivity “coachsultant”, the Chief Visionary and owner of Visions Productivity Solutions. Through onsite consulting, virtual coaching and live training sessions, I love teaching ways to more effectively manage the 3 Ts™- time, team, and tasks. If you’re a small business owner or a department head of an established business that has never taken the time to put in place back end administrative processes to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and collaboration– I can help.
Nicole Chamblin
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