iPEP for Virtual Assistants


The Productive Environment Institute is looking for a few great VAs to join their exclusive iPEPVA Training Program.

The Productive Environment Institute helps people organize their time, space and information so they can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.

PEI’s signature product is called iPEP–interactive Productive Environment Platform™–which was built upon the existing PBWorks collaborative workspace product(s), along with Barbara Hemphill’s proprietary Productive Environment methodology.

PEI and its Certified Productive Environment Specialists (CPES) work with companies, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs to create a productive environment at work.

The iPEP Virtual Assistant Program

PEI needs qualified and established Virtual Assistants to join its team and support PEI clients and CPESs to maintain their organizing systems and iPEP workspaces.

An iPEP Virtual Assistant is someone who:

  • has an established VA business

  • registers for 4 weeks of iPEPbusinessedition training ($997)
  • receives the iPEPbusiness edition for their own use;
  • receives access to iPEP tutorials and affiliate resources;

  • conducts iPEP demos on behalf of PEI and receives commission on sales;

  • refers others to iPEP and earns $25-$100 commission on referred iPEP sales;

  • is invited to collaborate on the PEI Network and get to know Certified Productive Environment Specialists (CPESs) that may generate VA  business referrals;
  • has opportunity to provide VA services to CPESs and clients of CPESs

  • gets business profile posted on PEI website

Special sessions will be offered in the evening accomodate busy schedules.

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