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Below you’ll find instructions for beginning your free 1 month trial of iPEP.

Please complete the Productivity Scorecard to begin your Guest Account Set Up by following these steps:

1. Complete the Productive Environment Scorecards™ below.

2. We’ll set up your iPEP Guest Account and include a summary of your Scorecard responses.

3. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the first 3 steps of our Productive Environment Process™ within your iPEP Guest Account.

4. You’ll experience iPEPoffice™ and iPEPbusiness™, completely customized for you based on your Scorecard and Productive Environment Process™ responses.

The Productive Environment Scorecard for Individuals, a self-assessment that allows you to see what is enhancing or impeding your personal productivity.

Learn More About the iPEP iPEP-“interactive Productive Environment Platform

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iPEPoffice Edition

With iPEPoffice™, you can organize your physical files (in filing cabinets and bookshelves, for example), along with your electronic information–and find anything you file–online and off–with a single keyword search, within one private online Workspace.

  • Single, standalone Workspace with PEI’s proprietary filing system template built in
  • Orientation provided by a Certified Productive Environment Specialist
  • Best for single user for basic file, data, and document management
  • Upgrades easily to iPEPbusiness Edition when seeking more functions

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iPEPbusiness Edition

With iPEPbusiness™, you get iPEPoffice™, AND the ability to create unlimited additional Workspaces for various projects, as well as invite Guests to collaborate on individual Workspaces–for free. Guests may include clients, vendors, or even family members!

The iPEPbusiness™ edition includes a collaborative dashboard where Users can communicate, share information and resources, manage tasks and projects, and interact with Real-Time Collaboration features such as Instant Chat–all within one, secure online platform.

Our best iPEPbusiness customers include individuals and companies looking for cost effective ways to organize and access information quickly, manage teams, collaborate on projects and share resources, ultimately saving time and money.

  • Includes 1 iPEPoffice™ Workspace
  • Network Dashboard with Social Media functionality
  • Unlimited Workspaces for multiple projects
  • Unlimited Workspace Guests, such as external clients or vendors
  • Cutting Edge Real-Time Collaboration Features
  • Project Management Features
  • Orientation provided by a Certified Productive Environment Specialist
  • Best for single user for basic file/data management, who also manages multiple projects, and multiple users for file/data management, collaboration and project management
  • Allows fast creation of pages via email to workspace
  • Incorporates Social Collaboration features like status updates, and user following
  • Complete with Project Management Features like milestones and tasks
  • Flexible by allowing the creation of unlimited collaboration workpaces and unlimited guests

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iPEP Premium Editions



These value-added products adapt the iPEP platform for four application-and industry-specific use cases, including virtual assistants, business and life coaches, law practices and event planners. Click each tab to learn more.






iPEP va™ INCLUDES iPEPbusiness™ + Workspaces Customized for Virtual Assistant Companies






iPEPcoach™ INCLUDES iPEPbusiness™ + Workspaces Customized for Coaching Practices





iPEPlegal™ INCLUDES iPEPbusiness™ + Workspaces Customized for Legal Firms




iPEPevents™ INCLUDES iPEPbusiness™ + Workspaces Customized for Event Planners


Click on the tabs below to learn more about all iPEP Editions!

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  • Collaborate with team members in real time
  • Get instant updates with no downtime
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Enterprise level security
  • Personal Guidance from a Certified Productive Environment Specialist
  • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

{tab=Additional Features}


Search across pages to find what you’re looking for. iPEP even allows you to search for files in your physical filing cabinet!

Point-and-Click Editor

iPEP’s Point-and-Click editor is the easiest WYSIWYG editor around. Insert images, files, colors, and fonts into your iPEP page. For more control, edit the page source and use our Custom HTML feature.

Tags and Folders

Use folders to categorize your pages for easy browsing (“Marketing, sales”). Tags let you place pages into multiple categories.

{tab=Backups & Storage}

Automatic Backups

iPEP keeps your data safe on multiple servers in multiple locations – including automatic backups while you’re editing a page – and we offer automatic backups of your data at no charge. Download a 1-click ZIP file of your pages in HTML format at any time.

Storage Space

Store and share files and documents-Unlimited storage space comes standard with all iPEPs!


Collaborative Page Editing

Let multiple people collaborate on the same page. No need to send documents around and wait for comments – your pages and documents can be centralized on the iPEP for as many editors as you grant access to.

Document management & file sharing

Use iPEP’s Document Management feature to share documents, spreadsheets, Powerpoints, or any kind of document imaginable – right on your iPEP.

Complete history and audit trail

iPEP keeps a complete audit trail of every change made to your platform. See who changed what. Reverse any change with a couple clicks. Your iPEP allows you to maintain full accountability of your users.


Security: World class “defense in-depth “security including:

  • Physical Security
  • SSLContent Encryption
  • User Authenication
  • Application security
  • IP Restrictive security
  • Audit Trail


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